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This website is operated by The Home Improvement Network. We have been providing access to great deals for a range of home improvement since 2009. We currently help over 13,000 customers per month save money on their home improvement projects by comparing quotes from our network of trusted fitters around the country.

Our customers love how easy we make it for them to compare a range of quotes from national and local window and door fitters. All of our fitters are registered with FENSA so you can be sure they will do a great job if you choose to use our fitters.


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We have worked hard to build a large network of suppliers and installers to allow for full UK coverage. Just enter your postcode!

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Whether BOGOF, heavy discounts, free upgrades. We can get you the best promotions. Yes, we have got customers up to 50% off before!

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All the fitters we work with are registered, approved, vetted and trusted before they are allowed to provide quotes!

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Our costs are covered by a small fee charged to the installers and suppliers. Our service is risk and cost free to you!

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Rated 4.6 from 63 reviews